1. Bonanza yo. The small, smaller, smallest town in Northwest Alberta and home to the completely un-famous yet brilliant Bonanza Mud Bog & Country fair. A “mud bog” is by far the finest and most exemplary of redneck activities involving driving a vehicle, most often some jacked up old thing with 38 inch tires or whatever through a swamp of mud as fast as you can and hope not to get stuck. Pictured here is Richard, the winner, who with his $90 winnings bought everyone beer and encouraged us to hang out and drink together in this field until it got dark. And then the real party started. 


  2. My new pal Richard from Doe River, BC 


  3. My new pal Lorne from Dawson Creek, BC 


  4. Katie & David . Bonanza, AB 


  5. Aaran W. aka BK37 aka “Burger King 37”, a Grande Prairie graffiti artist, cat lover, aspiring chef and Sonic Youth fan 



  7. Spirit of the North. Grande Prairie, AB 


  8. Kevin Shore, 52, is a window washer and pianist from Fort St. John B.C. I met Kevin last year at the public library while he was effortlessly serenading it’s patrons with classic pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Bach, all by heart, on the free-to-use piano. You can see my amateur home video HERE.  

    I’d tried keeping in touch with Kevin over the months but his aloofness and lack of phone or house (he lives in a tent) have always made him tricky to track down. Last night, just as a thunder storm rolled in and started to pour, I spotted Kevin and his friend Darren, both completely soaked, walking down the road across from my house. I ran out and invited them in for some beers and to try my new lemongrass-mango linguine.  



  10. Darren the construction worker