1. An evening with Brandy and “Tart”the rabbit. Prince George, B.C.

  3. Troubadours in the valley. Shannon Lyon & Michael Coughlan at Lost Creek Cabin Studio. Vavenby, B.C.

  5. Cue the Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp radio hit. 

    My final hours in Clearwater took me to the local Super Save, which over the years I’ve developed a affection for, I think mostly because of it’s loveable and enduring small-townish aesthetic. What a dork, I know.

    Anyhow, the manager of the Super Save is Breanna, a babe, who moved here several years ago from Merritt and inherited the gas station from her Aunt. Breanna is the girl who knows every single person in town and can identify who’s coming down the road by the sound of their car. She likes beer, telling people to Fuck Off after the gas station’s closed, and doesn’t own a computer. 

  7. Ah, right. Where the party’s at tonight. Duh. 

  8. Heavy Metal Parking Lot meets A&W parking lot. Clearwater, B.C.

    The Clearwater Shell / A&W hybrid gas station this past weekend was a vision of absolute chaos; a scene pulled straight from some Michael Moore-ish film documenting mass consumerism and the behaviour of frenzied gasoline-hoarding mobs and their compulsion to stockpile bags of chips and flats of water. 

    Taking a bite of my Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger, I gazed out across the parking lot and amidst a flock of Japanese tourists and a posse of faux-hawk sporting yuppies taking their labradoodle for a shit, spotted this guy, Lee, fuelling up his bike at Pump 6. Simultaneously smoking a Marlboro, he looked like he’d just survived the Apocalypse, although as I soon found out, had crafted his look simply by riding from Whistler to Halifax, and now back. We hung out. Talked about skateboarding and people we both know around Vancouver. It may not always be true but the most terrifying looking people up here are often the friendliest. Follow Lee on Instagram HERE. 

  9. Lifestyles of the broke and awesome. Clearwater, B.C. 

  10. Lessons in Blue Steel.  

    Greetings from Bonanza, the small, smaller, smallest town in Northwest Alberta and home to the brilliant Bonanza Mud Bog & Country Fair. A “mud bog” by the way is truly the finest and most exemplary of redneck activities involving driving a vehicle, most often some jacked up old shit-box with 38 inch or whatever tires through a swamp of mud as fast as you can and hope not to get stuck. Here we have Richard, the winner, and his colleague Lorne, who with their $90 winnings bought everyone beer and persuaded us all to hang out and drink together in this field until it got dark. It was a jolly time. The following day, after realizing I’d lost my keys, was forced to buy a 24’ extension ladder from Home Depot to climb in through a window of my house. Not so jolly bro.